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Balerno High School Students raise £3,000 for Scran!

A group of students from Balerno High School created a presentation on the work of Scran Academy for their school’s YPI (Youth and Philanthropy Initiative) programme, successfully raising £3,000! The students competed against several other teams of young people who all nominated worthy causes for the grant.

Will Bain, Catering Manager said:

“The three thousand pounds raised by fantastic young people from Balerno High School through YPI will be used to run twelve monthly community meals from the Scran Van! This programme will provide opportunities for our young people to gain confidence and tons of catering skills through these events. Local people will also benefit, as families will access free food made by our inspiring young people and build relationships with each other.”

Thank you to everyone at YPI, Balerno High School and most importantly our amazing team of young Philanthropists for the donation. We are excited to deliver these community meals across 2022!

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