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"Scran Academy is a catering social enterprise on a mission to see every young person, regardless of background or barrier, realise their full potential in learning, work and life. Too many young people in our most challenged communities never realise their talents or aspirations due to the effects of social inequality and poverty."

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What we do.

Our team of talented, professional chefs offer a range of freshly made grub from our Café, Van, and events, providing opportunities for young people to gain meaningful work experience, gain skills and have fun.
Our programmes support young people to transition beyond the classroom to take control of their development. From menu development to recruitment, young people are central to everything we do and play a vital role in the leadership of Scran. Young people engage in a bespoke and informal skills training journey, accessing qualifications and accreditation that support them to achieve their next training or employment steps. 


Our Values

We wholeheartedly believe that young people deserve our love, respect, and attention no matter what. From both lived and professional experience, we know that they have lots to offer, but often face significant barriers to their success. So, we meet young people “where they are at” and focus on their strengths, not their weaknesses to provide an inclusive environment for their development.

Everything we do at Scran is based on the simple mantra of #HandUpsNotHandOuts. Whether it is producing hundreds of Christmas Hampers, delivering a Scran Van event, or completing coursework, our young people work hard to achieve their goals and secure their future.

We understand the power of positive relationships in transforming lives and spend time investing in young people. By getting to know them and their aspirations, we can better support them to achieve. In short, we help young people to flourish in learning, work, and life.

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