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The Academy is a highly bespoke experiential education programme dedicated to supporting young people who face barriers to learning or are not flourishing in mainstream school. Our inclusive vocational and community-based approach helps nurture the confidence, skills, experiences and relationships needed to thrive in learning, earning and life. We work closely with schools and other partners to support young people to achieve their goals and aspirations, including a range of core personal and social skills. 

This programme mirrors the academic year with sessions running twice per week and a wide range of community events and non-term-time activities are also offered. 

Academy sessions include:

  • Interactive and fun group-based sessions that build core skills.

  • Practical activities that develop cooking and hospitality industry skills.

  • Breakfast is offered each day and lunch is chosen, cooked and enjoyed together.

  • Youth-led enterprise projects where young people take on leadership roles to run catering and community events.

  • Direct social enterprise work experience in our cafe, food truck and hospitality events.

  • Topical learning sessions linked to a curriculum including finance, literacy and citizenship.

  • Nationally recognised qualifications to access training or employment opportunities.

  • One-to-one wellbeing sessions to positively review and reflect on experiences, strengths, barriers and to set future goals.

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Ailsa Nicol
Services and Impact Manager 

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