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New CEO Announcement

“As Chair of the Board of Trustees I am delighted to announce the appointment of Will Bain as Chief Executive of Scran Academy.  Will has been an integral part of Scran Academy for over four years, initially joining as Catering Manager. Will worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic when Scran Academy shifted our focus to support thousands across the community.  Most recently Will has been our Head of Services and stepped up as our Acting CEO.  We are hugely impressed by Will’s dedication, foresight and leadership and are delighted to appoint him as our permanent Chief Executive.” Gillian Hunt

Will Bain was appointed CEO of Scran Academy at the start of 2024 after being part of the Scran family for four years now. Everyone here at Scran is delighted to hear the news.

When Will Started with us in 2019, as our first Catering Manager. He brought his compassionate leadership style to our catering operations, working alongside young people to scale up our Covid response and form dozens of strong partnerships across Edinburgh. Demonstrating dedication, strategic thinking, and a profound commitment to our mission.

Scran Academy are excited for this new chapter of their journey and can’t wait to see how Will helps shape the future of it for our young people.

Below hear from Will himself on his new appointment of CEO of Scran Academy:

 “It is with very great honour that I step into the role of CEO of the most inspiring organisation I’ve ever worked for, Scran Academy. I’ve been living and breathing the organisation for the past four years, and have helped navigate it through some of the biggest societal upheavals ever seen. In that time – thanks to the vision and purpose of our founders – we’ve grown from a wee bairn to a mouthy teenager, but we’ve never forgotten WHY we’re here.

We exist to support young people facing the effects of social inequality and poverty to realise their full potential and aspirations.

Right now our young people face unimaginably complex and dynamic challenges. The impacts of Covid are still emerging, there are critical funding squeezes on public services, households face disastrous cost of living pressures, and levels of anxiety, disengagement and depression are soaring. However, thanks to our work I’ve learned the best way to meet these challenges – by listening to and trusting in young people.

Our foundations show us why we do what we do. Our young people show us how.”  Will Bain

Congratulations to Will on this amazing achievement.

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