Scran Academy and Prep Table, in partnership with a range of local partners, have come together in these difficult times to support the community. We want to take some of the weight from peoples shoulders and ensure that everyone can access a hot, free meal that they can enjoy safely at home.


These meals have been prepared for you by local young people and the staff of our charities. We do this because we care and the world needs some kindness! :)


We aim to deliver every Monday, Wednesday & Friday between 4-6pm.

We are currently only able to deliver within the North Edinburgh & Leith areas.

If you know of anyone who would benefit from this scheme, please pass on our contact details.

- Email:

- Tel.: 07496 850591

- Social Media: @scranacademy

What is the Community Meal Scheme?
Community Meals during lockdown

In light of yesterday’s (23/03/2020) Prime Ministerial announcement of a state of further lockdown, this statement clarifies the situation for all staff and workers engaged in the Scran Academy COVID19 Meals response partnership.

Scran Academy, Prep Table Scotland, Edinburgh Food Social and Pilton Equalities Project are all part of the supply chain providing direct social care support to those self-isolating across Edinburgh. All of our workers fall within the national guidance for approved key workers as a hot meal producer and deliverer.

The safety of our team and the food that we produce is paramount, therefore, we have committed to;


  • Work from home, unless there is a direct and essential need to travel to a place of work (e.g. our chefs, delivery drivers, etc.).

  • Travel alone, or only with people from our households, if we do need to travel to a place of work.

  • In all circumstances, adhere to social distancing guidance.