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A December to Remember- Our most successful hamper campaign to date!

In 2020, Scran Academy sold over 200 Christmas Hampers, tripling the number sold in 2019.

Every year our annual hamper campaign takes several months of planning, development and production to complete. In October, we sat down with the young people and staff that make up TEAM SCRAN and got planning. Young people developed and chose the goodies which made the cut, involving several chocolate truffle tasting sessions to make sure they were absolutely perfect! Our young people had clear ideas on what they wanted in their hampers, with Kimberley’s brownies and Jay’s bread mix being “must-haves”.

Across November and December, our chefs, young people and volunteers got stuck into production. A busy production schedule included making nearly 1,400 mince pies by hand and hundreds of Christmas cakes, which is no mean feat! There were times when we wondered how this was all going to come together- but by working together we overcame the challenges.

Meanwhile, young people got to work on selecting packaging and staff went about organising deliveries. In December, we had some friendly faces back in to help us pack up the hampers. It was an incredibly busy few weeks, but everyone got stuck in and the satisfaction of seeing our café filled floor to ceiling with boxes of Christmas cheer to be taken out into the community was amazing! Teams of volunteers kindly gave their time to help us package and deliver hampers, once again going above and beyond for Scran Academy.

Once the last hamper was out the door, it was time to celebrate! Staff and young people took part in a go-karting trip and had an end of term celebration with food, films and presents.

Thank you to everyone who ordered a hamper, gave their time to help us produce and deliver them and most importantly to our young people who have overcome barriers to achieve our most successful hamper campaign ever!

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