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The Scran Meals Coalition

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

The Scran Meals Coalition is aiming to deliver tens of thousands of HOT, FREE and SAFE meals across many of Edinburgh’s most vulnerable communities. We have the chefs, kitchens, community links and delivery infrastructure to achieve this goal!

Like many organisations, we have lost a significant amount of earned income and work through coronavirus cancellations. Despite this, our charity staff and volunteers have responded to apply our catering and community experience into creating a supply chain where we are delivering free and safe meals to people across North Edinburgh and Leith.

Our aim is to support those most vulnerable to follow advice, reduce stress and stay home. The local community, Politicians, NHS, charities and others are supportive of our efforts. We are taking stringent industry-standard measures to maximise safety and hygiene.

We have delivered over 18,000 meals in our first six weeks and are currently delivering over 6,000 meals per week to doorsteps every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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