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The Coalition Partners

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

The Community Meals Scheme would be impossible to achieve without the support of the various partner organisations that form the Scran Meals Coalition. Read below to get a general overview of each organisation.

Prep Table is a social enterprise with a mission to make the food industry more open, fair and ethical for producers, suppliers, employees and customers. We use top quality, healthy, locally produced and ethically sustainable food in our café and external catering service. We provide space, support and education about food to others to encourage wider changes in the food industry.

The Pilton Equalities Project was founded in February 1989. Pilton Equalities Project (PEP) provides essential services for older and other vulnerable adults in North Edinburgh, supporting Mental Health; Community Transport and Lifelong Learning.

FetLor Youth Club has been embedded in the north Edinburgh community since the 1960s. We offer a safe and supportive environment for young people aged 7 – 17. Our aim is to provide young people with the opportunity to build confidence, fulfill their potential and play a positive role in society.

Out of the Blue is an arts and education trust based in Edinburgh that create opportunities for artists and members of the community to learn, participate and earn income. We use the space we have developed in 6 buildings in Edinburgh for studios, workshops, classes, projects, exhibitions, social enterprises, events, clubs, music making, markets, a cafe and more.

Scran Academy is a catering social enterprise providing great value food, that not only tastes good, but does good! We support the most vulnerable young people to transition beyond the classroom into the workplace and wider life. We offer young people a unique yet critical development journey within our real life business.

Edinburgh Academy is an independent school in the centre of Edinburgh, established in 1824.They support approximately 1,100 pupils from 2 – 18 years of age.They offer a nurturing experience focused not only on exceptional academic achievement, but also on expressive arts, outdoor education, sport and service to the community.

Fettes College – Is an independent school in the centre of Edinburgh, established in 1870.The college quickly gained a reputation for academic and sporting excellence, which still persists today. They value themselves on offering a supportive,happy and purposeful environment that encourages boys and girls to flourish and develop fully the skills and interests that they possess.

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