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Scran gains a new member of the team!

We're absolutely over the moon to announce that Team Scran has gained a new member of staff. This month we welcome our new Youth Development worker, Diana. Diana has a huge amount of experience working with young people and a wealth of skills & ideas to bring to our small team. We asked Diana a few questions to get to know her better..

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and what you have been up to before joining Scran?

My background has been working in education and in the third sector over the last 12 years. I have worked as a History teacher and also worked in Pupil Support in different schools across Edinburgh. I have also worked for the Spartans Community Football Academy and Apex Scotland. Working for such organisations demonstrated the positive impact they have in the community as well as creating opportunities for young people to flourish. I love football, especially Hibs. I have been fortunate enough to represent my country playing


What makes you excited about joining Scran Academy?

I love the term which is on the Scran website, 'Focus on what they can do, not what they don't have.' Being part of an organisation which is all about empowering young people to achieve and recognise their aspirations is really exciting. I am also really looking forward to working as part of a small and diverse team who have lots of different skills and ideas.

What are you hoping to bring to the team?

I am very much a team player and about effective collaboration where young people are at the centre of everything. I really enjoy being creative and building positive partnerships which ensure a diversity of experience for young people to gain confidence and thrive. I love a good laugh too!

What makes you passionate about working with young people?

Having worked with young people in different jobs, I can definitely say there is never a dull day! Young people bring a real energy and dynamism to an environment as well as a lot of fun!!! I am really looking forward to working with the young people at Scran and seeing them make the transition from the classroom, into the work place and then into wider life.

How are your cooking skills?

I can easily say I will be the least gifted cook at Scran. I am really looking forward to learning from the young people and for them to help improve my cooking skills. I am much better at cleaning - Zoflora and Dettol at the ready.

What's one good thing to come out of the lockdown for you?

My cat, Belle. We got her last year just before the first lockdown in March. Belle is the best Therapet and distraction.

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