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Will Bain


I’m Will, I’m the CEO of Scran, aka the Scrandad.

I came to Scran after a long career in food in Edinburgh, working in shops, restaurants and cafes, doing a bit of everything – cooking, waiting, all sorts. This wasn’t ever quite enough though, as I wanted to work in ways that helped to level the unbelievably uneven playing field around the access to good food. So I moved my career to focus on impact, working with great organisations like the Edinburgh Food Social and the Grassmarket Community Project.

I got the role as Catering Manager for Scran in 2019, and I’ve been doing a bit of everything in the organisation since: cooking, youth working, Scran Vanning, managering, you name it. I was honoured to step into the CEO position at the start of 2024.

Outside of Scran, obviously I’m a total food dork, but I also love my music, movies, art and all that good stuff. Also if I don’t spend at least a week a year up North I go weird.

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