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Rachel Joyce

Academy Programme Coordinator

I have been developing my career in youth work for the last 7 years working within North Edinburgh across different projects for 4 years before going onto graduate from university in 2023 with a Community Education degree. I’m good at building positive relationships with people and I enjoy working with young people in a group work setting.

As the Academy Programme Coordinator I’m responsible for planning and delivering sessions for our young people that help to grow their confidence, enhance their skills and allow them to learn new things outside of a formal education setting. Throughout their academy journey I also support the young people on a 1:1 basis for general check-ins, re-evaluate personal development plans and generally support them to navigate any challenges.

I’m a massive foodie, I enjoy cooking new recipes I see on Insta and Tiktok and going out for food to try out new places. I’ve got a great group of friends and we love to go to music festivals and going on trips to new places.

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